Kirstie Alley hates you all.


Kirstie Alley either needs the publicity or is jealous at how women young enough to be her granddaughters are getting more action than she is. She went on her Twitter to attack Bree Olson and the other women Charlie Sheen was with during the AEE convention:

‘you have two beautiful girls… PERHAPS for the sake of these children you can decide to QUIT hanging with PORN STARS & HOS’

‘LOL…wow!…”% defending Porn Stars and Hos as acceptable choices for parents….ya GOTTA love our 1st amendment.. lord knows.. IDO!!’

‘98% of people think FATHERS s******g hookers and porn stars is unsavory.’

The problem has never been the porn stars and escorts he’s been with. The problem has also been Charlie. He has a long history of abusing women dating back two decades. He even tried to kill his current wife last Christmas. Kirstie should ask fellow Scientologist Kelly Preston about her experience with Charlie which resulted in him shooting her 21 years ago.

What does being with a porn star have to do with his children? Someone with a long history of abusing women is more acceptable than women minding their own business in the adult industry? Why is the adult industry more unsavory than a man who continues on abusing women? His ex-wife Denise Richards gave a very detailed account of what Charlie put her and her family through in her 17-pages of court documents. You seem to forget that Charlie flew out to Las Vegas to attend the AEE convention. No one forced him to be there. His problems lie with him and have never had anything to do with the women he chooses to be with.

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2 Responses to Kirstie Alley hates you all.

  1. What a wonderful point! The people at an adult convention aren’t flocking towards him, he’s going there to meet them. I think people forget that porn stars don’t just materialize out of thin air and hang out with people, they’re sought out by people looking to hang out with wild and exciting women.

    Great article.

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    Thank you. She’ll probably blame porn stars again for him ending up in the hospital this week. Though he’s the one who invited them to his house. They didn’t show up breaking into his home.

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