New Dana Hayes update. She’s looking for a new business partner.

A couple of years ago Dana Hayes was hit by a car as she was entering the car she was getting into. The man who hit her was never charged and nothing ever happened to him. They played one of her porn movies in court and she says she lost her case because she does porn. She’s been in so much physical pain since the crash and she’s gone into debt since then.

You can read the archives I have on Dana on my other blog.

Thank you to The Great Geraldo for leaving these new comments with new updates on Dana. She’s hoping to find new partners who will invest in a new website with her. There are three new updates he left starting on April 20th on my other blog. You can start reading them here.

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4 Responses to New Dana Hayes update. She’s looking for a new business partner.

  1. ExAbrupto says:

    homeless… for hooking?

    Guest House or Studio apt…Car for Lucky & Me
    May 8 2011 09:19AM
    Hello, I am Luvinlioness and i am back in S.F. V. and i need a Studio Apt or guest House and a car.
    A Roomate would be welcomed and of course a larger place would be needed.
    I am open to the location .I do have a large and well behaved dog .
    Anyone have a used car for sale who will take payments?
    I cannot get a loan due to results of being hit by a car in 2006 while parked . My Car was totaled and i had a bad head and body injuries and a terrible attorney.
    Believe it or not but LA Superior Court allowed a movie i made shown in court to a jury to discredit me. The jury did not provide me with the funds to pay my medical bills or the balance of the car i ahd just bought.
    Strange but true…!
    I need a place to rent as the management where Lucky and i have been for the past eight months,found out i was a porn star and evicted me and Lucky…strange but true!
    I would very much appreciate your help,
    PS I could not make this up . All true and easy to prove.

    Dana Hayes & Lucky, The Ultimate Milf

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    I tried contacting her once on Myspace and she never replied. I’ll try again.

  3. James says:

    Hi Dana. Sorry to hear about your recent troubles. I hope you are doing better now? Strange question now, but do you work as an escort? If so, I would love to meet. Thanks, James

  4. tameem jan says:

    hi dana its tameem jan here im really sorry about that contact me (phone number deleted by Darrah)

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