Kim Kardashian has forgotten why she’s famous.


Kim Kardashian is upset that Playboy has released new never-before-seen nude pictures of her which were outtakes from her 2007 Playboy shoot. She’s freaked out and didn’t think they would ever be seen. She’s never heard of something called Google where anyone can find her two porn videos & first Playboy pictorial anytime they want to?

Kim was paid very well for her Playboy photoshoot. If she doesn’t like her name being associated with pornography, then she should give back all the millions of dollars she’s made from it. The millions she made from her porn videos was sure enough money to pay for her new $4.8 million dollar home she bought recently. If you don’t want people to see you nude anymore, then stop taking off your clothes!!

New Orleans Saints RB Reggie Bush broke off his relationship with Kim back in April of this year because his mother never approved of him dating Kim. His family is very conservative and have never truly accepted Kim because of the sex tape she and her ex-boyfriend had filmed together. Kim had been pushing for a wedding but Reggie could never marry her because of his family.

Since the breakup, Kim has now blamed her mother for “forcing” her to pose for Playboy. Did her mother also force her to do her sex tape? Don’t blame Playboy for any of this when everyone knows this is only another stunt trying to get back you’re ex-boyfriend. His family will never accept her regardless if she claims she was forced into shooting for Playboy and now regrets both the pictorial & the sex tape.

Porn is what made anyone know who this woman is. Her sex tape was released eight months before her reality show debuted. She saw what a sex tape did to Paris Hilton’s career. So she followed in her friend’s footsteps. Now after being paid millions, Kim is playing victim once again trying to distance herself from what made her famous. If she’s so upset by what Playboy has every right to release, she should pray that Vivid never releases her sex tape outtakes where her ex-boyfriend relieves himself on her.

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