Tabitha Stevens comes to Charlie Sheen’s defense.


Tabitha Stevens wants us all to believe she’s suddenly now an expert on Charlie Sheen. He has a very long history of abusing women but Tabitha says he’s the most caring, genuine, nicest man she’s ever met. Tabitha is a (former?) prostitute and had first met Charlie in the mid-90’s after he paid her for her services. Because Charlie didn’t try to murder her, this makes him a great guy.

Charlie tried to murder his third wife Brooke Mueller on Christmas day of last year and held her at knifepoint threatening to kill her. In 2006, second wife Denise Richards filed a restraining order against him after he threatened to kill her. In 1997, he plead guilty to beating ex-girlfriend Brittany Ashland after smashing her face-first into a marble floor. In 1990, he shot his then fiance, actress Kelly Preston, in the arm which resulted in her leaving him. And after porn star Chloe Jones sold her story of her affair with Charlie on May 2005, she was found dead one month later. News of the affair caused a pregnant Denise to file for divorce. One month later, Chloe was dead. Denise claimed in court papers that Charlie may have been involved in Chloe’s death. She claimed that when she asked him if he had anything to do with Chloe’s death, he did not deny it and said “no comment.” Reports claim Chloe died of liver failure.

Tabitha says it’s unfortunate that the women he hooks up with can’t keep their mouths shut. Well it seems that YOU can’t keep your mouth shut either. How much were you paid for this new RadarOnline interview? Are you expecting Charlie to hire you for an hour next week as a thank you for defending him?

Tabitha is coming to this abuser’s defense after Capri Anderson fled into a hotel bathroom last week. Capri had to lock herself in after Charlie started tearing apart his room tossing over the furniture. So it seems jealousy might be making Tabitha run her mouth because another porn star is getting more publicity than she is.

But here’s Tabitha contradicting herself. On one hand she says he’s such a great guy who would never hurt anyone. But then admits she’s seen that other side of Charlie:

“I can understand why she got nervous, I’ve seen that side of him before, but he wouldn’t have done anything and she just doesn’t know him well enough to know that he would never hurt anybody.”

“When these girls party with him… you have two people partying and crazy stuff is going to go down.”

“I think he needs help with that [addiction], but it really upsets me that all these people come out and just bash him. He’s really a wonderful human being and a great guy.”

“Does Charlie party? Yeah, but he’s very respectful, he was never pushy and never forced anyone to party with him.”

Tabitha then writes more on her Twitter and starts assuming that Capri might be at fault for what happened. Tabitha tells Monica Mayhem that for Charlie to have been that upset, then something weird must have happened. She then brings up whether or not Capri is an escort because why else would she have been with him. So any woman who hooks up with Charlie Sheen is a prostitute? What does whether or not she’s an escort have to do with what happened that night in his hotel room?

The best part of all of this is Tabitha saying at least she isn’t a slut giving it away for free. We all know, me included, that Twitter brings out the stupidity in all of us. I can’t believe half the things I write on my own Twitter and blog. If you all thought Jenna Jameson gave us Twitter gems, Tabitha Stevens just beat her to it with the statement that we’re all sluts if we give it away for free!

October 27:

@MonicaMayhem YEARS ago I spent a good amount of time with Charlie. He’s a gentleman and a Very caring person with the BEST personality! If he were that pissed to start tearing the hotel room up then something weird went down. I do not know this girl but she’s NOT calling herself an escort ~ ummm then why would she just happen to hook up with Charlie? $$$ talks & she’s loving the press.

Let’s just make up a good scandal to help promote your book. Any ideas? ;-). XO YOU!!!!

Either way who cares. We get paid to have sex. At least we aren’t sluts giving it up 4 free. I guess magazine models don’t escort either ;-). I do know a few big names that do NOT escort and are actually truthful. I know a REAL BIG one that lies about it. Whatever! As long as everyone is SAFE and not getting hurt ~ I say whatever floats your boat ;-). XO

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4 Responses to Tabitha Stevens comes to Charlie Sheen’s defense.

  1. Were YOU there with Charlie and I? I believe NOT! I got paid from him one time and then we became very good friends and I hung out with him because I actually enjoyed his company. He’s very funny and charming. Why does everyone have to be so negative ? I was telling MY experiences with Charlie. They were WONDERFUL. It sucks that other women had some bad experiences with him. But I did NOT therefore I wanted to shed a positive light on a very negative situation.
    NO ONE paid me for my story. Give me a BREAK!!! I did the interview for FREE to defend a person who has been nothing but a gentleman to me. Give me a little respect here. I could have sold lots of stories about lots of famous people that I have dated (no, not paid sex~ REAL dates) to any number of online magazines but I choose not to. In this case with Charlie I was defending someone that I feel is a good man. Yes, he has issues, but who the hell doesn’t?
    I’ve said my two cents. If people want to hate me because of my defending Charlie then so be it! Life’s to short~ I’m going to go on a nice long hike and breathe in some fresh air and be HAPPY!
    Enjoy your afternoon.

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    I adore you and you’re one of the few in the industry that doesn’t piss me off. Just this one interview floored me and how you or any woman could defend him when he has this history. Especially after reading Denise’s 17-page court records on how he treated her and her family. He couldn’t have been out of it on drugs with her 24/7 all those years. He just seems like a very evil person masked as this talented actor who somehow persuades millions to forgive him. I get into arguments with my mother as to why she still watches that TV show. He’s already back to work, Colorado won’t prosecute him because they don’t want to spend the taxes, and he’s still the highest paid tv actor out there today whose still somehow allowed to behave very badly and get away with it. And anyone who knows me knows stories like his just drive me insane.

  3. Thank you for responding to my comment :-). I totally understand where you are coming from with your feelings towards Charlie. He’s an interesting fellow. I was just upset that it was ME being attacked. As I’ve stated in my earlier comment, he was nothing but great towards me. I drank with him (I’m a lightweight so it wasn’t that much) but I did not do cocaine. So I guess with me there wasn’t really any drama because if he did goofy things I just laughed and had fun whereas someone who doesn’t know how to handle themselves on drugs may take Charlie’s joking around a different way and that’s when things can get Very Ugly.
    One day soon here I’m going to get a ghost writer and put a book together. It will be done in a respectful way regarding celebs , my career in porn, my 7 years as a favorite guest on Howard Stern’s show, Dr.90210, plastic surgery in my many years of having it and it making me miserable and of course my ex~husbands. I’ve had so many interesting things happen in my life that I’d love to share with those who would be interested in reading my stories. It would be nice to make some money from selling a book because I want to start an organization to help fight Lyme disease. My sister has late stage Lyme and it’s horrible that so many people have it and most of the time insurance companies will not cover treatment for Lyme. It breaks my heart and I would love to help out those in need of medication. My sister was hooked up with a port in her arm for months having to take IV medication. Luckily her insurance is paying ~ but what if they didn’t? She would have spent over 100k by now and on a school teachers salary, plus having 11 year old twin girls, it’s not that easy.
    I’m the kind of person that likes to speak the truth. I’m also very apologetic when I’ve said or done something that was literally wrong. In this case I was just telling my story of my experiences with a man who was very good to me. I was just trying to be truthful.
    Have a wonderful evening!

  4. Darrah Ford says:

    That would be a great book if you wrote one! From everything in porn to Hollywood to Howard Stern. That would be a great read.

    Also sorry to hear about your sister. Yes thankfully she has insurance. Jessie Lee was just in a major car accident on her way to Exxxotica and she fractured her neck. She has no insurance and the bills might also run up to $100,000 according to one account on LukeIsBack.

    I’m sorry about saying anything negative towards you. When I get upset, I usually attack blindly. Much of what I write I usually regret the next day. Many times it’s come back to kick me in the ass.

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